4 Crazy Moments Queen Royale Custard Will Come to your Rescue!

Life is never certain. And I’m pretty sure you have you found yourself in one of those awkward situations you don’t expect and then you just wish you had a quick solution to get out of it?

Well we all do; as a matter of fact more often than we expect. Sometimes, we we may be lucky to find the solution to save the day at other times we can help it but lose without.

And that is why in this article I would like to share with you 5 reasons or scenarios where Queen Royal Custard Powder will come to the rescue.

My goal with this article is to help you prepare ahead and best of all, to know what to do if the need arise. Enjoy!

1. Midnight Hunger:

A Certain young boy had a very stressed day and getting to his house, discovered that dinner was not ready. The young child needed to sleep asap, so after having a quick shower, he found a little loaf of bread left in the refrigerator. He quickly took the bread and ate it.

He retired to his room to sleep but then he knelt down and said a simple but powerful prayer!

O Lord, I know you will keep me safe from all danger and I will wake up tomorrow, but Lord, what I really want is “never allow me to fall into midnight hunger! 😂 😂

One awkward situation you surely don’t want to find yourself is waking up in the middle of the night and feeling so hungry. The best part would be if you’ve got no spare meal or snack! I can guarantee that you will not have a good sleep that night.

Allow Queen Royale custard to come to your rescue here.


Simply prepare a healthy bowl in five minutes and your body will be thanking for that. Since it has no fat, you won’t be gaining weight. It is not a solid that will needed a lot of body resources to digest, and best of all, it will help you relax even better and enjoy a sound sleep with sweet dreams.

2. Late mornings:

Have you ever been a victim of a late morning?

There are times we just can’t help it. Take for example, when we are to tired from teh previous day stress to obey the alarm clock or sometimes thanks to the cool weather (especially rainy nights) and cozy mattress, we tend to over sleep.

Either way sleeping beyond the right time is disastrous.

The first step to ruining your day is to wake up late. When you wake up late, the series of events that follows are hectic and stressful. From entering into the shower to picking the right clothes for the day. The worst offence however is skipping breakfast.

We have already discussed the importance of breakfast in a previous article here. Does this sound familiar?

Late mornings happen, but don’t let it ruin the rest of the day. You still can save your day thanks to Queen Royale custard powder.

In as little as 5 minutes you can have your breakfast ready. The best part is you can even decide to consume it on the go or when you get to the office.

3. Sudden Visits:

Ever gotten a surprise visit from a friend or a family? Yes it happens and most of the time we are probably not ready for a full-fledged guest hosting.

In cases like this Queen Royale custard powder can help you entertainer visitor. All you need is 5 minutes to prepare Queen Royale Custard powder and once you are done, you simply serve it with Bread, Akara, or other light snacks.

4. That Lazy Saturday Morning:

Queen Royale custard powder will come to your rescue during those “hazy” Saturday mornings when you just feel lazy to do anything.

At that point you probably have a huge laundry to take care of, some awesome event to plan and attend or another important activity take care of. Well whatever the case may be; Queen Royale custard powder will not only remove the stress of having to prepare a large breakfast and the best part is that it will energize you to do what you need to do.

These are four crazy moments that Queen Royale custard powder, can come to your rescue. I would like to hear your thoughts and know what you think about it. Please also tell me if there are other areas Queen Royale Custard Powder can come to the rescue that I have not highlighted.




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