Queen Royale Custard [Herbal Variant]

Want to enjoy custard the natural way? Then you will love the Queen Royale Herbal Variant. Feel the true taste of nature with Queen Royale Herbal Custard Powder and enjoy a relaxing herbal custard that is unique in every way.

  • No Sugar
  • No Salt
  • No Additives
  • 100% Natural and Herbal


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About the Herbal Variant

Apart from having a special herbal mint that will give you the taste of nature in your custard, the Queen Royale herbal variant is made 100% from natural ingredients.

It is a unique custard that comes with no added sugar, salt or anything else, just herbs. It is also fortified with unique vitamins and minerals to push your health to a whole new level.

It symbolizes health, wealth and success. It is specially prepared for the “green” family, elders, grannies and retires. It is also a great way to kick-start a healthy and successful day for the active members of the family.



Queen Royale Custard Powder is a special high quality Custard Powder with a rich, unique and splendid taste. There is so much goodness in Queen Royale Custard Powder for you and especially your family!

It has been fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for a strong and healthy family.

Custard Come Alive!

We were tired of the boring and unhealthy “Jack and Jill” custard powder out there and we knew that you deserve better. So we took extra care to dig deep, and after long hours of hard work and paying careful attention to every single details, we selected high quality and “strictly” healthy ingredients that brings our beloved Queen Royale to life.

Formulated With Care!

We too extra care to prepare and mix every ingredient in their right proportions and using a unique formulation and methodology, we blended them all in a super hygienic environment under healthy conditions with the best and latest industry practice.

The Superior custard was Born!

Thank Goodness, the effort Paid off and Queen Royale Custard Powder was Born. It is a Custard Powder that beats them all, excellent in taste, consistent in quality and above all, super healthy.


2kg, 500g


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