5 Amazing Health Benefits of Breakfast

Ever heard this good old quote:

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

While it is the most important meal of the day, it is also the most neglected meal of the day too. Even though various studies have shown that breakfast is the best meal of the day; 40% of working class individuals skip breakfast. And some adults believe it is a children’s thing. Breakfast boosts your energy levels, thereby allowing you to perform effectively throughout the day.

In this article, permit me to share with you just five of the numerous health benefits, a healthy and consistent breakfast would provide.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Breakfast!

1. Energizes Your Body

How you start your day, will determine how you end your day.

When you start your day skipping breakfast, your body will be start working with reserved energy, and pretty soon, you will be drained. You need a supercharged body to perform and get results for the day and that will not happen if you skip breakfast.

This is why you need to take a healthy breakfast that contains all the right nutrients and energy you need to perform each day. So avoid taking bicarbonates or juices and other snacks with preservatives. Instead look for energizing and fiber rich food and fruits like bananas, smoothies etc.

2. Help You Lose Weight

Starving yourself to lose weight is an unhealthy habit. You need to consume meals with more nutrients and fewer calories to either lose or maintain your body weight.

The first meal of your day should include foods loaded with vitamins, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients will not only boost your metabolic rate but curb appetite as well which is necessary to shed extra pounds in a short time span.

3. Boost your Eyesight

Improving your eyesight health is possible thanks to a healthy breakfast. Since it is the first meal of the day, the body is fully active unlike any other time of the day. At this time having a healthy breakfast will be fully absorbed by key organs and help them to function more effectively.

To achieve this, you need to increase the consumption of vitamin A, C and E to facilitate your eye health. Take fruits like carrots and apples and cucumbers; and steer clear from dust and other eye disturbing mechanisms.

4. Boost Immune System

A healthy immune system wards off health dismantling factors preventing the risk of chronic diseases.

And one way to achieve this is by incorporating citrus fruits into breakfast is a quick way to boost your immune system. As a result, it will receive antioxidants which help strengthen your immunity.

 5. Improve your Brain

I saved the best for the last.

Eating breakfast has a huge effect on the brain. Your brain is the center of every activity in your life and it consumes lots of energy. This is why it is vital to consume a healthy breakfast.

Eating breakfast has a significant effect on the brain, It triggers the release of some dopamine that lead to positive feelings. And when you start your day on a positive note, your day will surely go well to.

Breakfast will also help improve your memory. So support your brain performance by taking your breakfast regularly and consuming foods enriched with dietary fiber.

In Conclusion:

There is no doubt about the fact that breakfast is important and essential for everyone. A healthy breakfast will boost your health in small and big ways. So take breakfast regularly and you will have a healthy life.

Nutritionists have also recommended adding boiled eggs and fresh fruits, and mixed nuts into your daily breakfast. The nutrients derived from these foods will improve your health in the long run.

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