KayFresh: Multi Purpose Wash

KayFresh Multi Purpose Wash is a specially made liquid soap that is highly active and helps in washing effectively and efficiently. It get rids of dirt, germs and bacterial from all kitchen utensils or equipment and cleans it inside out, leaving it sparkling clean and germ free.

It is highly effective and efficient in every way and leaves behinds a natural lemon fragrance.

KayFresh Multi Purpose Wash is an active Formulated liquid soap with all the necessary anti bacterial ingredients best for washing dishes, utensils, hand washing etc. With KayFresh Multi Purpose Wash you can wash a wide range of utensils and other equipment. It is best for dishes and other related wares.

Specially formulated for effective and efficient usage, KayFresh Multipurpose wash will effectively get rid of all kinds of stains ranging from greases and oils to all manner of stains.

It is trusted by mothers (home makers), cleaning companies, restaurants and individuals across the country to give the perfect finish to their washing.

It is gentle on the hand and leaves long lasting lemon fresh smell after washing.



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