Queen Royale: Corn Floor

Queen Royale Corn Flour is the number one thickening choice that must not be found lacking in any kitchen. Loved by Mothers, bakers and restaurants. Over 5000 people (customers) nationwide trusts our corn flour to provide their dishes with the required thickening without adding to the taste or spoiling the broth.

Queen Royale Corn Flour is made specially and directly from Corn Cereals. Formulated without additives and preservatives; grounded whole and then packaged in a safe clean environment.

Queen Royale ® Corn Flour is a powdery flour made of finely ground cornmeal, it is specially made to act as a thickening agent while cooking or baking.

It is used for breading and in combination with other flours in baked goods. Our Corn Flour is a special corn flour that perfectly thickens any sauce, whether stew, soup, gravy or fried foods. It blends perfectly with other food ingredients and has a wide range of uses. It is used as a filler, binder and thickener in cookie, pastry and meat industries respectively.

Queen Royale Corn Flour is suitable for many uses and it is:


  • Certified by NCRI
  • All natural and free from Cholesterol
  • 100% whole grain
  • Good source of dietary fiber
  • No preservatives
Weight 0.25 kg


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