KayFresh: Car Wash

Keep your car Fresh and Sparkling clean at times using KayFresh Car Wash Liquid. KayFresh Car Wash Liquid is the number one Car wash liquid that guarantees amazing results. It is very tough on stains but mild on your car, eventhough it washes and removes stains effectively, it will preserve and even fortify your car color to prevent wash.

It can be used to wash virtually every part of your car, from external parts to internal parts as well as engines, tyres etc.


KayFresh Car Wash liquid is a dedicated car wash product that is designed to help keep your car in a perfect condition. It is a dedicated carwash product, that is milder and specifically designed for use on automotive paint. It completely removes dirt from you car and without having any effect on the paint; infact it makes your car glow like a new one.

Trusted by over 2500 individuals as well as Car Wash garages, it is highly effective and efficient and  perfect for individual or business use.


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